About us

We are a team of professionals with over 20 years experience in innovation, product design, and development in global companies.

Thanks to the participation in important international projects in Smart Energy and Smart Cities, in partnership with leading players in the industry, we have gained important cross experiences that allow us to create contamination among different industries by creating original and innovative solutions and a continuous technology transfer.

We work by project in a flexible organization, within a large network of universities, research institutes, businesses and professionals across the world to provide you with unique access to all the skills you need to succeed with your new product.

Our core competencies: innovation and technology scouting, strategic product valuations and product development management from the concept to the production start.

We value our experience and our relationships by making them available to you, suggesting the actions most objectively appropriate for the best result.

We have a strong passion for achieving goals and we like to see how our efforts become successful for your business.

We transfer to small and medium-sized enterprises the skills and experience we gained in large enterprises; we convey new ideas from start-ups and inventors to large companies, operating within Open Innovation models.

Our innovative spirit is confirmed by more than 30 patents filed in various technical fields and won prizes such as the "Haier Washing Machine Water Saving 2016" contest and the "Electrolux Innovation Award 2013".

Edi Fabbro - Technology broker - Key Account - Networking Antonio Boffo - Mechanical Structures and System Integration Fabio Giusto - Cooling systems and project management Luca Fabbro - Intellectual Property Advisor Partner-Russian State Scientific Center for Robotics and Technical Cybernetics (RTC) Association -  Energy@home